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Monday, 29 June 2015

ACR721 Toyota Carina sedan in Silver - Tailgating and illegal overtaking on Flush median.

Offending vehicle's registration:

Offending Vehicle details: 1996 Toyota Carina sedan in silver

Description of offending driver (Appearence):  Women driver, Caucasian, 50s
with Man as front seat passenger, Caucasian, 50s
Date of incident: Sunday, 28th June 2015
Time of incident: 10:10 a.m.

Location of incident: Silverdale, Auckland -to- Waitoki, Auckland -to- Kaukapakaka, Auckland.

Reported to community road watch: Yes

Description of offending:

Tailgated very close while traveling through Waitoki at the 50km/h speed limit (55km/h speedometer read out, 51km/h real speed), then tailgated very close again while traveling through Kaukapakaka.  I attempted to find a safe and long enough shoulder to pull over in to, but considering how close the offending vehicle was, an opportunity to safely pull over did not present it self.  (While in the 100km/h zones, this vehicle kept it's distance)

As soon as we left Kaukapakaka, the offending vehicle Performed an illegal overtake on the flush median (An offense under New Zealand's road rules)

Despite an illegal overtaking maneuvre, the offending vehicle did not seem to get much far ahead of me and I very quickly caught back up to the offending Toyota Carina where again it was tailgating this time, a Toyota hatch in front of it.

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